Passing Motion and the Dangers of Exertion

This information has stuck with me ever since Gabriel Tiongson of Philippines (both an Artist and a PT/Physical-Therapist!) shared this when we met up not too long ago:

MALADY: Why (older) surviving Stroke-patients (always) seem to faint and fall down in toilets.

REASON: Because it might be due to exertion of force, in trying to clear their bowels, that might lead to blood-flow which affects their brains. Remember squeezing with all your might, and your head suddenly feels woozy?

Makes complete sense to me. And caregivers of Stroke-surviving folks might do well to take care of that aspect. Find out from them if there are any problems with bowel movements, and find a simple solution with your attending doctor/s - but not self-medicate, or laxative enhancements, I guess.

Remember, only when in the toilet, is when the patient/survivor is left all alone, compared to when there is help anywhere around the house, and that is one of the places you might not be able to supervise or watch over.

In the early days of Stroke, while I was lying in the Stroke Acute Ward, bowel movement was a major issue, and I had to be medically injected via my anus to increase fluidity of my passing of waste. And as well, i had extremely limited movement and my legs could not walk properly, much less make my way to the toilet by my own steam, which ironically laid 6 meters from my bed.

I am currently on TCM medicine that actually promotes bowel-movement, but i remember the strain earlier when i tried to expel my wastes.

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