World Stroke Day 2011 / Presentation of Cheque Donation of Proceeds from TOYSREVIL Silent Auction

October 29th was "World Stroke Day", and one of the activities in Singapore was organized by the Singapore National Stroke Association at the Yio Chu Kang Community Club in Ang Mo Kio, which saw an English and Chinese forum about Stroke (and as well a Malay forum at the Changi Singapore Hospital in the late afternoon). It was the venue for where I would be presenting the cheque of proceeds accumulated from the recent TOYSREVIL Silent Auction, as requested by SNSA.

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The night before, I had prepared the personal cheque written out to them, along with a 3-page print-out document explaining what where the funds had come from, based on the personal initiative - which I had launched on my birthday on September 27th, and ended on October 22nd - a day to the year when I fell to Stroke in 2010. As well a list of donators/contributers, and successful-bidders were listed out, and documents presented to SNSA along with the cheque. The contents of the print-out are posted below.

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I was accompanied to the event with my sister and father (coincidentally, both of them were with me when I fell to Stroke in 2010). After a short while of waiting (I also met Steven - a former fellow recovery at the SACH Rehab Center), I went on stage to present the cheque to Mr Seng Han Thong (Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC) on behalf of the Singapore National Stroke Association, in the presence of Mr Michael Yap (Vice President of SNSA).

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Dear Singapore National Stroke Association,

RE: Donation of Funds To SNSA

A "Silent Auction" was conducted online via the TOYSREVIL-Blog (http://toysrevil.net), which launched on September 27th, 2011 and ended on October 22nd, 2011 (The exact day a year ago when I fell to Stroke in 2010). The intention was for 100% of the proceeds of sales to benefit SNSA, and the intention was made known at every instance and when the items were featured and mentioned for auction, and subsequently sales online.

A variety of local and international artists and designers donated both production and custom 'art toys', as well as illustrations for this personal initiative, and the total amount raised at the end of the event amounted to USD$1,820.00 - which converts to approximately SGD$2,306.00 (Price Conversion via http://www.xe.com), for which I would like to humbly present to the Singapore National Stroke Association.

I would like to mention / list the people involved in donating their products for the auction, in appreciation of their support and generosity, as well mention the folks who had taken the time and effort to bid and buy the items put up for auction. (Please refer to the attached list).

Andy Heng
Editor-in-Chief at TOYSREVIL

www: http://toysrevil.net
Facebook: http://toysrevil.org
Email: toysreviler@gmail.com

Contributors of Auction Items:

Name of Contributor: Andy Mitchell (from United Kingdom)
Website: http://www.custard4gravy.co.uk
Item/Status: Custard4Gravy Goodie Pack

Name of Contributor: Andy Heng (from Singapore)
Website: http://about.me/toysrevil
Item/Status: Original Hand-drawn Sketch Cards / Partially SOLD

Name of Contributor: Bob Conge (from the United States)
Website: http://plaseebo.net
Item/Status: Clear-Blue Tint Molezilla Toy Figure

Name of Contributor: Chris Burt (from the UK)
Website: http://www.the-tarantulas.com/
Name of Contributor: Ralph Niese (from the USA)
Website: http://bruno83.deviantart.com/
Item/Status: Medieval Nibblers / SOLD

Name of Contributor: Cooper Berella (from USA)
Website: http://www.facebook.com/GoSuperCooper
Item/Status: Super Cooper Cool Pack

Name of Contributor: Cris Rose (from UK)
Website: http://www.crisrose.co.uk
Item/Status: Tri-Red Ruckus Original Resin Toy / SOLD

Name of Contributor: Eric Wirjanata (from Indonesia)
Website: http://www.thunderpanda.com
Item/Status: Portrait Sketch

Name of Contributor: Gabriel Tiongson (from The Philippines)
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DIKO-Gabriel-Tiongson/208423532559078
Item/Status: Squidwad Original Print

Name of Contributor: Hauke Scheer (from Germany)
Website: http://www.deepfriedfigures.com
Item/Status: UR.INAL-9000 Toy Figures

Name of Contributor: JC Rivera (from USA)
Website: http://www.artbyjcrivera.com
Item/Status: Custom-Foomi Toy Figure / SOLD

Name of Contributor: Mark Nagata (from USA)
Website: http://www.maxtoyco.com
Item/Status: Custom-painted TriPus Toy Figure / SOLD

Name of Contributor: Mico Suayan artwork (*donated by ALwyn Liang Jia Wei from Singapore)
Website: http://elseworldscomicartfans.blogspot.com/
Item/Status: Venom Original Sketch

Name of Contributor: Paul Shih (from New Zealand)
Website: http://www.paul-shih.com
Item/Status: Hand-sketch / SOLD

Name of Contributor: Rudy Ao (from Indonesia now residing in Singapore)
Website: http://www.aoillustration.com
Item/Status: Batman Original Artwork / SOLD

Name of Contributor: Shinji Nakako (from Japan)
Website: http://www.tomenosuke.com/
Item/Status: Variety of Japan-Exclusive Toys / Partially SOLD

Name of Contributor: Wendy Chew (from Singapore)
Website: http://mashi.deviantart.com/
Item/Status: Mermaids Original Paintings

These are the folks who had bided on and successfully secured the products on auction:

Adam Litvack of USA
Alaric Choo of Singapore
Beatrice Seifert of USA
Bryan Lopez of USA
Chad Schennum of USA
Cooper Berella of USA
Erich Lehman of USA
Jeffrey Ocampo-Tan of USA
Jerry Lien of USA
Zullikhan Abdullah from Singapore


  1. I had just returned from my 3 weeks trip and a search engine brought me to this page. Thank you Andy (@TOYSREVIL) for the story and for the rest whom make it happen too....Well Done! Cheers, Bigzull.

  2. oh dear - please do forgive me for the late reply, bigzull! I didn;t realize anyone left a comment = oops? thanks for your kind words! :)