The Value Of Mail


While receiving toys and goodies were one of the highlights of my two months stay in hospitals (back in 2010), another surprising aspect of items received, were letters and get-well cards. And while I receive the occasional festivities card (mostly only for Christmas but never for birthdays haha), other mails are a strange happenstance that are somewhat peculiar but nevertheless welcomed, graciously so. And quite an experience to receive them too, pretty nice, considering the reason why they were sent in the first place :p

A thickened printed card with written words housed in a stamped envelope - such a precious commodity from people who care and/or actually took the time to get done (both within and out of the toy community), now that is priceless. Do not overlook the value of mail, for it is not the cost of stamps nor printed stationary, that ultimately matter.

Thank you, everyone :)



  1. you know?
    Andy, I felt that I am glad because it knows you and my card have reached your mind and it renews.
    And, I wish to express our gratitude of you for experience being told in your word now.
    It becomes impossible to possibly meet you.
    However, we will be able to meet someday. It's our Promiss.
    And, the chance to meet will be made.
    I am looking forward to the day.

    Cheers :) youka.

  2. Yes Youka, we will indeed meet one day, somehow somewhen! :)