Me and My Pink Walking Cane

Been "walking" around with the aid of my walking cane (in metallic PINK, to match my 4-Legged-Walker) for over a week now ("constant shuffle", more like), since lasy Monday when I was wheeled-in to rehab, and walked out with a cane (The wheelchair was a rental). Ironically, the past week or so had been about daily walking, with near everyday having a clinic appointment, acupuntcture session and dental happening, and I walked for my "life" like a marathon! Thank gawd the weekend was a reprieve of home-shuffling only LOL

The thing about walking with a cane, was in fact a mental fear I have had, not necessarily of falling (initially it was), but of how folks react to a man in cane (as mentioned in an earlier post) and for the past week folks seem to barely avoid walking into me (perhaps my eye-patch helped their keeping away LOL). The cane has become such a pain to walk with to, but it keeps me balanced when needed be, and I should be just thankful I can "walk" at all!

The weekly rehab has let me see loads of folks (mostly old) being wheeled in by their maids/help, and I cannot help but think what actually goes thru their minds, when they have lost their mobility, even temporarily. Folks should take the time to consider the mindset of victims such as them, and spend the time "talking" to them and knowing what it is they are really thinking. Far be it Asian-based folks tend to be less verbal and in-touch with their thoughts and feelings ~ especially older folks a generation or two before, who actually might have lived thru WW2 or even harsh atrocities ~ but it is far better than just providing them the physical necessities needed to "get by" in the current real world.

Actually this notion seems only slightly touched upon initially during recovery, but then again I might not truly know, as my experience was pretty decent, as folks no doubt had seen how my family rallied around me and supported me in my time. Thinking back, I realized I might not have been as verbal with my thoughts to my family during Stroke-recovery, as I had been before that, choosing instead to hole myself up in my own world, blogging like a madman and embracing hermitdom for soem years.

Funny how life throws you curve balls when you least expect it, and you relearn how to deal with life again.

As I struggle daily with my post-Stroke rehab, the past weekend also saw earthquake and tsunami hit Sendai off the coast of Japan, And now with rumored Nuclear/radiation leaks? Somehow my state seemed so minute compared to the folks in Japan, but we try to live on as best as we can, and pray our friends and folks in Japan better days and heathy recovery.


  1. Hi Andy!

    Congratulations on the transition from walking frame to walking stick. Keep on walking and your gait will continue to improve :O)