Seven Hours Too Long

"Helpless" was what I had felt, "trapped" at the clinic in the hospital at Changi (for which has become my second home) - waiting for my turn to see the doctor, spending nearly 7 hours outside of my house (which included an afternoon session of acupuncture, to be fair) - which was essentially 7hrs too long. Bordering on "desperate", I knew whatever plans I had today for the blog, was a hopeless endeavor. But that turned out partially incorrect, as I still squeezed thru twelve quick posts, before I realized it wasn't about "squeezing", but of a level of comfort I had wanted to continue in my bloggery activities, foir me to be able to go the duration, and not burn myself out, while amidst the effects of being in post-Stroke.

The consultation today was for my eyes. Ironically one of the key problems I now face - versus being able to walk free, post-Stroke - is the ability to see straight. Me getting used to double-vision was a tangible fear, as well the developments with acupuncture (which was treating my eyes specifically) had indeed made my vision better - but I still needed answers. And "answers" were something people have dared not commit to me, for the past 6 months, post-Stroke. And I am not looking for "miracle-cures" here, just tangible explanations for my eye-sight - beyond "It was affected by Stroke".

I could still maintain a semblance of hermit-like existence squirreled away indoors and in-front of a computer, but it does me no favors if I cannot see properly, innit? But the wait was worth it, I can concrete answers (whereas before nobody dared commit otherwise) and as well new proposals. Tomorrow morning (before my rehab session at 10am) - I will know whether or not I will need reading glasses.

Against such quandaries in my life, maintaining the blog seemed mundane in comparison, let's not kid ourselves. But in reality, without the blog, and as well typing all this, I would just be another Stroke-victim, recovering while lying in bed the whole day. And that is not how I want my day to go by.

Funnily enough, my acupuncturist would have major issues with my statement just, as he is pretty surprised at my slow-recovery, as he seemed pretty darn confident in setting my eye-sight right, except for the fact i refuse to listen as much, and continue blogging … I would laugh-out-loud of not for the fact it may well be truer that I recognize it to be …


(FYI: This post was typed on May 4th and was basically a "daily whine" as opposed to a medical recollection :p)

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